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Frankie Pangilinan Umalma sa Paggamit ng mga Sundalo sa Community Quarantine

The world is under health scare right now after the worldwide spread of C0vid-19 keeps on growing.

Aside from the mainland Wuhan, China where the virus originally started, it is now affecting over 100 countries.

And one of these countries is the Philippines. Unfortunately, our country is one of those places who has been affected by C0VID-19.

From 0 case, we now have hundreds of confirmed cases and twelve of them already passed away.


It resulted in all of the Filipinos in a health scare because the virus can be easily spread and acquired.

With this, the government is now taking action after the virus continues on spreading.

One of their steps is the community quarantine of the whole NCR. Days after, the president ordered an enhanced community lockdown.

The community lockdown is not allowing the people to come and leave the premises. It is to prevent the virus from spreading.


The militaries and policemen are assigned to hold checkpoints to check IDs and temperature of every passer-by.

Meanwhile, this implementation of the president is being questioned by many.

One of these is the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan.

Franki Pangilinan posted on her social media about her remarks on checkpoints.

‘just wondering
how are our health workers?
why is military force necessary?
are g4uns supposed to kill the virus?’ she wrote.

On the other hand, some medical workers and professionals already gave their sides.

Most of them support this decision because as per them, militaries and policemen are being helpful in a way of preventing the spread of the virus.


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