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Grocery at Financial Assistance Ibibigay ng Isang Kompanya sa Kanyang mga Empleyado

Although many Filipinos today are full of fear and worries, especially Metro Manila people, due to the community quarantine because of COVID-19, there are still a few bright-hearted people who will do their best to help others.

One of them is Ezential Corporation which manages the Redjuice brand.

In a memorandum issued by Ezential Corporation for employees working under Redjuice, the long list of benefits they will receive from the company is stated.

Suspension of work until April 14 is one of them, to ensure the safety of all.


Here are the support Redjuice employees will receive:

– 1 month supply of basic grocery items such as canned goods and instant noodles
– 1 bag of rice (25kg)
– 2 cutoffs Advanced Salary for every regular employees and 1 cut-off for every newly hired employees
– Php 8,000 COVID-19 cash assistance for regular employees and 4,000 for newly hired employees
– Php 10,000 cash advance – for salary deduction starting on May 15, 2020 which will deduct P500 per cutoff, zero interest
– Php 1,000 hazard pay for every event that requires attendance
– Php 7,000 vacation allowance for every regular employees. 90% of attendance from January to March 15 is required to qualify
– Additional Php15,000 medical assistance for those who have not yet availed their previous privilege


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