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Heart Evangelista Naglabas ng saloobin tungkol sa kanyang pagiging Stepmother sa mga anak ni Chiz Escudero

In the latest episode of “Dear Heart” on the Youtube Channel, Heart Evangelista shares some of her journey as a stepmother to her husband’s twin children.

Heart says she has gone through a lot and learned as a stepmother. It was then that she really did not know how or where to go as a stepmother to her husband’s twin children especially as they were 4-years-old when she first met and married Chiz Escudero.

“I used to be confused about it because I’m the youngest in my family.”

It was then that Heart often asked herself if she could be a good stepmother since she was the youngest of siblings.


“It’s really going to push you to your limit because having a child is very special but your patience has to be the long and winding road you know because technically they are not really yours.”

According to the actress if you are a stepmother, it is important to know for yourself where you are especially when it comes to discipline because of course those kids are really there to test your patience, but of course love and care there are no boundaries to it that you have to show and make them feel that your love is real.

“You’ll never be their mom. You have to understand that and you have to respect they’ll always have their mom. You’ll just probably going to be their fun tita.” “They feel that if you force yourself or if you’re trying hard you just have to be yourself. You have to have pure intentions.”

Heart shares that as a stepmother you should keep in mind that any time you cannot replace their mother in their life. And you also need to know and respect that there will come a time that they will miss and want their true mother.


According to her, to be a happy and effective stepmother you need to be honest with them, show your true intentions because if you pretended, the kids would feel it.

It wasn’t easy being a stepmother, but Heart says now that she and her family are very blessed because despite being a stepmother to her husband’s children, their family is very happy.



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