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BREAKING: Is Sarah Geronimo Really Pregnant? Ogie Diaz revealed something about this

Ogie Diaz revealed something about Sarah Geronimo’s alleged pregnancy.

When the news breaks the internet, one of the celebrity couples became a hot trend. The name of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli have been making the headlines over the past week.

This elicits different reactions from the netizens as many speculations and sources surfaced in social media.

At first, the said wedding was just civil and geld somewhere in Taguig City. Days after, the relationship counselor of the two confirmed that they had a Christian Wedding.

The supposed to be happy ending turned into a drama. This is after the mother of Sarah Geronimo showed up uninvited. Divine Geronimo or also known as Mommy Divine, turns out to gate crashed and made a scene on the event.


Sources claimed that Mommy Divine came out of rage because she doesn’t want Matteo for Sarah.

On the other hand, netizens are wondering for the sudden decision of the couple to get married as many are expecting that this will happen next month.

Well, the issue is getting bigger and hotter. It is after a source revealed something that leaves everyone in shock.

According to the source, Sarah is pregnant before the wedding and this was the reason for the sudden decision.

Sarah allegedly vomited and showed early signs of pregnancy during the concert of her and Regine Velasquez.


The source claimed that Matteo was all present during the concert but Mommy Divine ordered the staff not to allow Matteo to come near her daughter.

However, the source cleared that this information was just told to her by a person who is part of Sarah’s glam team. Who also happened to be there during the concert.

On the other hand, a vlog from Ogie Diaz explained this all. According to the entertainment columnist and talent manager, a common friend of him and Sarah denied this pregnancy rumor.

The newlywed couple still doesn’t have plans to have a baby sooner and wanted to enjoy each other first.

This elicits different reactions from the netizens.

Don’t overreact just because they got married.

If she’s really pregnant that’s a good news by the way. 😍 congrats to the newly wed

great。 the child is made of love congrats young momshi and popshi.

Well not sure about this pregnant issue, considering the way she danced Tala. Unless di sya aware. But if she is, i am happy for her and matteo!!! Congrats!!!!!🎊🎉

What’s wrong. They got married already. They are both single and of age. Time to live their lives the way they like it. Congratulations Sarah and Mateo.

Not so true!!! Have you seen her last performance day of their wedding! Di sana miscarriage (God Forbids) siya with that grabeeenngģ performance!!!

Watch the full vlog here:

What can you say?


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