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WATCH: Sarah Geronimo’s heartfelt goodbye message to her parents circulated online

A few months before getting married, Sarah Geronimo had a chance to air her tearful message to her parents.

When you disapprove of who your child chose to marry, this can be negatively impacted. Additionally, the relationship you have with your child can be severely damaged.

However, being protective of your child’s sake is one of the parent’s reasonable duties.

We already see one good example of a parent-daughter relationship turned into sour after her parents disapproved of her relationship with her now-husband.

The Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo is known for being an obedient and loving daughter to Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin.


Ever since her career started, Sarah’s life in and out of showbiz has been handled by her parents.

Even her decisions about love had always after her parent’s approval. However, the right time comes for the singer and the right man came to her.

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli showed us a great relationship against all odds. Very straight, very mature.

The two went along very well and Matteo proposed marriage to the 31-year-old singer. Thus, the Mommy Divine seemed not yet ready to give her daughter to the actor.

Sarah who always been a good daughter balanced the situation very well to prevent hurting both sides.

Four months before her controversial marriage to Matteo Guidicelli, the tearful Sarah Geronimo had assured her parents, her unchanging love “no matter who comes into my life.”


In an interview with Magandang Buhay, the Popstar Princess couldn’t contain her tears as she share her promise to her father.

“Sa Daddy ko, sa buong family ko, sa Mama ko, know that I will forever be grateful,” she said.

“Kahit sino, kahit anong dumating sa buhay ko, hindi magbabago ‘yung pagmamahal at pag-respeto ko sa mga magulang ko, sa mga kapatid ko. Dahil pamilya ko sila, e. Number one: family,” Sarah said.

Sarah G is the third of four siblings and is the only one among them who is in the limelight. Her parents have time and again credited Sarah’s dedication and music career for helping provide a comfortable life for her family.

Prior to this heartfelt message, Daddy Delfin was also asked to give his advice to his daughter.

“Kailangan maging matatag tayo,” he said, after sharing that any family grapples with problems.

“Kaming mga magulang, gusto namin na lahat ng mga anak namin, mapunta sa magagandang buhay na patutunguhan.”

“Naging anak rin tayo, naging magulang tayo. Siya rin, magiging magulang, magkakaroon din siya ng mga anak sa magiging pamilya niya. Hindi puwedeng ipagpalit ang pamilya basta-basta,” he told his daughter.

Now that Sarah and Matteo are married. Their relationship with Sarah’s parents is still on the rocks. But Matteo and Sarah’s parents have only one goal, to make Sarah’s life happy.

This will only happen if both camps will accept and respect each other.

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