Succesful Children Gift Their Parents Mansion

In life, we will always have that time to be successful after being through hardships. People who are hardworking and focused on their goals are likely to be successful.

We all have our own journey in life’s reality that will inspire many people. Being a child of parents who are not wealthy is sometimes full of responsibilities.

In a Facebook page, PESO SENSE, one netizen shared a story of their family that moved many.

According to the post, their father is a tricycle driver that doesn’t have own sidecar, while their mother is a dressmaker who doesn’t have a fixed salary.


They are four siblings who became working students just to have money for their allowance in school. It was tough for them and they did everything just to have scholarships.

After all their sacrifices, hard work and determination, they are now all graduates and facing success. One is now an Electrical Engineer, the second one is a Civil Engineer, the next one is Math Teacher and lastly, a Mechanical Engineer.

They are all board passers which only took them one take.

Now that they are all breadwinners, they managed to have their own mansion. Before, they are just living in a small apartment where they had to sleep in the living room. The restroom and kitchen were a few steps away.


He also thanked God for what they have now because, after all the down parts they experienced, they are now at the top.

This story inspired many netizens and has shared many times.


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