Pinay Hayahay ang Biyahe sa Amerika Dahil sa Kanyang Bahay

We all have our own dream house. Different styles and designs of houses we would like to build someday. We are amazed at the beauty of the houses we see from artists and showbiz personalities.

But you will be even more amazed at this amazing and unique home of a Pinay living in America. It is not just a simple house but a “house on wheels”.

Marites, has lived in the US with his family and built a house on wheels or is known as a motor home.

Her house can be found on its YouTube channel “HappyCamperMarie”. Today, it has more than 13,000 followers.


Marites says her family really loves to travel and go to different places. So, this motor house is absolutely right for them. It is very comfortable and very convenient because wherever you go you are with your whole house.

If you visit her house, you will see two elegant seats on the front. One is for the driver who is her husband and the other is for herself.

The “living area” can also be found here where they receive guests. Here you will find a sofa which can also be used as a bed and get to sleep.

Like other homes, it is fully equipped with a sink, stove, oven, coffee maker, and in-house refrigerator.


If you talk about eating, four people can eat in their dining area. Like any other home, it also comes complete with living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Surprisingly, all of this has been achieved within this bus.

Watch the video:

The question is, do you think our people here in our country can afford these kinds of homes?


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