Jose Manalo Nakipag Valentine’s Date sa Kanyang “Special” na Tagahanga

Every day we can convey our love to our loved ones, but there is a special day that we Filipinos are really looking forward to giving love to each other.

It’s Valentine’s Day or the day of hearts, which is a special day for lovers. It serves as a day where love is conveyed by giving flowers and chocolates. But this day is not only for couples and couples but also for those who want to show love to the people they care about.

This special day amazes netizens by comedian Jose Manalo when he surprised his “special” one who is a fan of a Valentine’s Date.

All of Jose’s ideas started when they came up with a subject about special people who are still working despite their condition, in the Eat Bulaga “Bawal Judgmental” segment. One of the contestants dared to admit in front of the studio audience that she admire the comedian and host Jose Manalo.


The one who did not hesitate to admit his admiration for Jose was JM, a pharmacy helper. JM tells Jose the reason why she enjoys working every day despite his condition. Comedian Jose became emotional with this story by JM and even laughed at the comedian. So to thank and cheer for JM being a fans, Jose surprises her with a special Valentine’s date.

This fun event was shared on Eat Bulaga’s facebook page, where JM was unaware of the surprise that was prepared for her. Unbeknownst to the event JM was hired by Jose from her job and was even greeted by a magnificent flower bouquet of his celebrity crush.

But Jose’s surprise did not end there as he even took her to a restaurant to eat and talk. Besides this date, Jose also gave JM a gift. Jose carried a red plastic bag containing a baseball hat.

In the meantime, JM couldn’t seem to paint that much fun on her unexpected Valentines date with her celebrity crush, Jose. When JM first went to Eat Bulaga she was happy to be alone and keep her crush, but now that she’s been with it on a date nothing could be further from the happiness she feels.


Many admired Jose’s cheering for his fan who had been working hard for eight hours where he had been working in the pharmacy for 3 years.

“Maraming beses ko pinanood ang episode na ito. Sobrang saya ni JM. Walang katumbas ang saya niya dahil mayroong isang Jose na nagpapasaya sa kanya”


Written by ADMIN

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