Is Maine Mendoza Really Pregnant?

Maine Mendoza is alleged pregnant according to some netizens and they have some “proofs”.

When it comes to showbiz, the personal life of celebrities isn’t always too private. As the nature of the work they are in, it became normal that their whole lives to be publicized.

We all know that issues and allegations always come after their names when something is observed about them. Well, many people are just too observant of their beings.

For female celebrities, they are always expected to be in shape especially when they have a natural sexy body. When the time comes that they eventually gained weight, issues are so fast to accuse them of being pregnant.

This happens many times with a lot of female celebrities. Some of them are true, and some remained an issue.


Speaking of this, Maine Mendoza is a hot trend right now after some viewers and netizens noticed her bumpy stomach during the air of noontime show, Eat Bulaga.

In a video posted by Facebook page Teen Vanity, netizens are now asking. Is this for real?

Maine was wearing a long skirt and an oversized sweater. In one angle, the stomach of Maine was too bulky compared to her normal fit body.

This sparked speculations that the actress is pregnant and just hiding it from the public. It is known that Maine is in a relationship with Kapamilya actor Arjo Atayde.

APT Entertainment, the talent agency that handles Maine Mendoza, otherwise confirmed an incident that happened to the actress recently. According to the source, APT confirmed in an interview that Maine Mendoza got dizzy during Eat Bulaga! show. They explained that the host was just tired and stress that time that’s why she got dizzy.


But this explanation didn’t convince some netizens and really thinks that Maine is pregnant and posted these pictures as proof. They also emphasized the sudden change of Maine’s fashion statement way back in 2019.

She suddenly shifted on wearing loose clothing. Netizens also play connecting dots adding up why Sylvia Sanchez, mom of Arjo, suddenly welcomes Maine in their home as part of their family.

They recently celebrated their anniversary as a couple. Both of them are also vocal and open about their love with each other.

After all these theories, the rumor will remain a rumor until Maine confirm this all by herself.

Many are guessing if this speculation is true.


What can you say?


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