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Remember Klaudia Koronel? Here’s her life now after leaving the showbiz

After Robin Padilla, Klaudia Koronel also expressed a strong statement amid the ABS-CBN franchise issue.

As per checking on Klaudia’s Facebook page, the former actress expressed support on the ABS-CBN shutdown. According to her, she had hard feelings with the network as standing for her entire rel!gious group.

On a separate post, Klaudia reposted the alleged hard feelings of INC towards ABS-CBN. Based on the original post, the said network had been biased on their reports about them.

Meanwhile, Klaudia Koronel was one of the popular actresses in the 1990s and was renowned for her bold roles in the Philippine film. She was born on 19 December 1975, and Milfe Dacula is her true name.

Her showbiz career was late in the 1990s and continued in “Torotot” with Leo Martinez at the beginning of 2000. She appeared in other movie genres like comedy in 2001 and followed “Kapitan Ambo: Outside De Kulambo” with late veteran actor Eddie Garcia.


Klaudia was one of her most audacious actresses in films like “Pisil” and “Kesong Puti.”

She was also a leading lady at Joey De Leon’s sitcom Kiss Muna, and a part of the “Mga Angel Na Walang Langit” ABS-CBN drama series.

But while she was a sexy star in the sector, Klaudia still showed everyone she is a truly a great actress.

She was nominated and eventually won the Gawad Urian awards for her performance in her film “Live Show” in 2000.


People were shocked when she lied low at the height of her career in her showbiz stints.

Reports say she decided to study at New Era University after she had left the sun. Klaudia earned her BS of Computer Science degree in 2005.

Klaudia entered the business and opened her own Internet shop after she finished her studies.
On 28 August 2009, she married her long-time Chinese-American businessman Andy Zhang.

The couple has a son, Zandy, born in 2006.

However, in 2016, another unlucky event happened, she was diagnosed with uterine growth. A successful operation was carried out by the former actress.

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