Korina Sanchez May Mensahe sa Kambal Nilang Anak sa Kaarawan Nito

“Happy First Birthday to my Twin True North Stars,” that’s how Korina Sanchez describes her twins after she greeted them on Instagram

Mar Roxas and Korina happily celebrated Pepe and Pilar’s birthday. Her IG shows that they were also baptized on that same day.

“For a long time I was thinking it would probably never happen for me. But I could not let my lif3 pass without even trying. And now, every tomorrow is the best day yet to come,” saad ni Korina.”

Korina also recalls her first meeting with her twin. She tried her best to prepare that day that she should look nice, but Mar told him that the babies can’t really see her yet.


“Mixed feeling upon seeing them. But they kept smiling. They made me feel, ‘It’s going to be GREAT, Mama!’ And so it is,”

It seems Pepe and Pilar are inseparable. Even in sleep they are really side by side.

“They were like velcr0 to each other. Kahit magkalayo sa crib, mayamaya, magkadikit na. Ngayon, nag aaway na, hahahaha (When they are separated in the crib, it will only take a little time for them to stick together again. But now, they f!ght, hahahaha)!”

Here are the netizen’s comments:


“Happy birthday Pepe and Pilar the twins of ms.Korina and Mar Roxas”

“Happy birthday to Pepe and Pilar wishing you both health and happiness together spiecially to mar and Korina Roxas all best for your twins”

“Happy 1st birthday pepe and pilar ,wish you good health,and GOD BLESS YOU both!!!!!!”


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ATM: A birthday blessing where the twins were baptized🙏🥂🎂💚

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