Child From Nepal Hailed as the Most Beautiful Handwriting in the World

A Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya Student in Nepal created an Internet storm with her unusual gift and quickly turned her majestic write into a hit on the Social media. Prakriti Malla is a grade 8 student at their school.

Through her handwriting, she got attention. It all started with a photo posted online and her work captured the world’s attention soon enough.

Many netizens claim that her work is equivalent and can even surpass MS Word to create typefaces. Experts praised her handwriting, and some even suggested that his work was very close to perfection, with equal proportion of spaces between letters and words that can be regarded as a new form of calligraphy.

Handwriting is said to reflect their one’s personality, it also leads to building self-esteem and even better at learning, helping not only develop a good personality, but also keeping you focused and inspired.


Although it seems like it is impractical to write in hand, well-known authors claim that it gives them better understanding of their books than it is on print.

A good writing written in good handwriting is a pleasure on its own. No wonder Prakriti earned such praise and I stated that she was also awarded the best hand-writing by the Nepalese Armed Forces.

Her work also reveals that not every technological advancement is destroying our culture and heritage, but it also indicates that the use and use of modern technology can save ancient arts, Prakriti’s calligraphy.

So, just like Prakriti, let us help to keep this dying art alive, let it be our inspiration.



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