Remember Ate Glow? This is Her Life Now After Leaving Showbiz

Rene Boy Facunla is famous for her impersonation of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Ate Glow, as she is commonly known to us.

She was the fourth child in their family of 6, or as “bunso” here in the Philippines. She began to learn and explore her gender identity when she was three or four years old and realize she wasnt a straight male. Yet her parents, including her father, a policeman, never had any problems with her decision.

Ate glow, though her father called her girl, she never enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls but gravitated to games she describes for guys like tumbang preso and luksong baka. She said she wasn’t the usual gay during her childhood.

During her time as an elementary and high school student, she was an honourary recipient and active participant in extracurricular activities.


She describes herself as flamboyant and talkative throughout her primary and secondary school years. She studied at the University of the Philippines and is a graduate.

In 2003, she first appeared at UP SAMASKON, part of the Live A1ds, which she impersonate the President of the country, Gloria Macapagal Aroyo and was even named ambassador for the campaign against illegal drags by the the President.

The later president, Glow, was identified by G.M.A as a clever person, the principal reason why the president likes her. While Ate Glow’s popularity slowly declined in 2010, with Arroyo finishing his term.

Ate Glow is married now to a British man whom she made friend in London. She had two previous serious ties, one with a Filipino and one with an Irish national, before binding the knot.


Ate Glow, which was married to the British man, is now reportedly called Renee Hampshire and his gender identity was fully recognized by the man. They married at the Registry Office of Chelsea on 2 July 2016.


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