Dancer na si ‘Luningning’ Ibinahagi ang Naging Magandang Buhay Niya Matapos Ang Wowowee

There are many talented personalities in the showbiz industry that we admire. Some of them are they want singing, others are dancing.

In a dance, there are groups that perform but one of them can really be dominant even though they are a group. Veteran Dancers are awesome when it comes to the dance floor.

One of them is known to be very good at catching dance floor Lea Carla Santos or better known as Luningning who was a former member of the ASF dancers in the Wowowee program on ABS-CBN back then.

Luningning danced so well that she was immediately recognized in the program and her name was very popular which radiated every time she dance and grinded with the accompaniment of every music she played. She is also known for his cartwheel dance moves and her impressive split that really amazes viewers.


But her popularity didn’t last long with the program that gave her fame, so Luningning had just decided to leave the showbiz world and live a normal life.

She left her career in 2010, after that event there was no news for the dancer. But she recently shared on her Instagram photos that show her happy life today.

According to her, she is now a business woman and owns the Stardanz Fitness Studio. Because Luningning loved her dancing so much, she decided to build a business where she could apply what she had learned in her previous career and set up the Stardanz Fitness Studio.

Her fitness studio has many services available to anyone who wants to come, such as these exercises: Aerial Silk, Kali Pole, Belly Dance, Stilletos, Jazz Dance, Hoops, Dance Fitness, and Pilates.


Aside from being able to use her passion in the business, she can also help maintain good figure of her customers.

Although Luningning is happy with his current life, he remains single and has no visible partner in life. Apart from Luningning’s talent in dance, she is also undeniably beautiful and s3xy, which is why she was featured in FHM magazine in 2008.

She started dancing at a young age so she’s really good at it. The dancer also tried to become an entertainer in Japan.

Luningning’s life is an inspiration to her dancers who never give up on their dreams. Because someday time will come you can get your dreams come true with the help of diligence, perseverance and determination.


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