Check out: Anne Curtis to Start A Family With This Elegant Home

Anne Curtis is a showtime host and actress and one of the famous artists raised in a well-off family. She is the daughter of Carmencita Ojales, a Filipina from Bolinao, Pangasinan and James Ernest Curtis-Smith, an Australian lawyer.

Contrary to those actors who entered the industry because they want a better life, the 34-year-old actress has a comfortable life before she has gained fame as a popular artist.

Therefore it’s not shocking that she has been able to build her own home which reflects her glamorous and elegant figure. According to the news, this home is in Southern Manila, which is different from the actress’ family home with Erwan Huesaff, her blogger husband.

With its pastel colored English façade in the theme of a country house and its elegant white picket fence overlooking the exterior of this multi level home.


She chose soft lighting and calming color palettes and sweet and subtle features in her interior of the house, which made the actress Kapamilya feel like a modern princess.

Overall, her house has a modern style with a touch of Timeless Victorian design. All of the furniture pieces were customized specifically for “The Mall, The Merrier” actress.

The expectant mom said that one of the things that she loves about this house is the “fresh air” in this place. Aside from that, the location is also far that she can even see the difference in the “smog” in Makati when she’s in the Skyway. It is also hard for her to predict the weather as it has a different sky here from the other parts of Metro Manila.


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