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“Win or Lose, Proud Parin Ako” Does Marcelito Pomoy knows what will happen before his final performance?

Does Marcelito Pomoy know what will be the outcome of his final performance in America’s Got Talent?

Having a Filipino contestant at one of the world’s prominent talent competition in the world makes us all proud. Especially when our kababayan step their foot in the final round. But sometimes, having very strong support on our pambato gives us disappointments

Just like what happened recently to Pilipinas Got Talent 2011 grand champion, Marcelito Pomoy, The Man With Two Voices.

Marcelito set foot on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. We got more excited when the singer advances in the finals. He gave us outstanding performances that even the judges and audience of AGT made him they’re favorite.

We bet that he will be the champion, however this hope suddenly fades away after his final performance leaked on social media.

Marcelito sang Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson’s Disney theme song, ‘ Beauty and The Beast. Getting his distinctive dual voice style, the live audience cheering once again, he was praised by three judges.


Judges Howie Mandel, Alesha Dixon, and Heidi Klum got up from their seats, but the toughest judge — Simon Cowell — remained seated.

The lead judge Simon didn’t seem to be surprised at his final performance, and reports say he’s the one who selects Marcelito’s song.

Judgment had made, results came in and everyone is upset. But for Marcelito, he is always ready for whatever the result will be.

While everyone is talking about the recent AGT’s grand finals and the singer had a sense of what will be the outcome of this performance.


A video of Marcelito’s statement before the final round is now circulating online.

He is describing how he feels that time. He advises his fans not to feel disappointed about the outcome of his song in the final round. Marcelito explained that he is not the only one who decides what will be his piece, but also the music arrangers.

But he vowed to do his very best on this. He also said that the song he did was the only choice for him because of the limited time they had.

“Win or lose, proud parin ako, proud parin tayo. Kasi bilang isang Pilipino nakatungtong sa Americas’s Got Talent.” Marcelito Pomoy said.

“Champion edition po kasi yan, lahat po yan magagaling. Lahat po yan nanalo sa iba’t ibang lugar.”

The singer also added that he proposed several songs but they have no time to arrange them.

He also defended the AGT’s team who also got headaches just to think about what will be the best song for him. That’s why they ended up in the song “Beauty and The Beast”.

Marcelito also said that this is not his show, and we cannot just do whatever we want.

Eventually, he spoke of his first video saying Simon Cowell is the one who chooses the song for him. Marcelito asked the netizens not to blame the judge because he was doing what is best for him.

Simon was just looking for a different version of his talent and wanted him to show what he could do more with that choice of song.

Marcelito Pomoy was still grateful for that journey and thanked all the people around the world who supported him. This is what competition really is, you may win or lose. But still feels, he’s a winner.

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