Ukay Ukay May Posibilidad na Magdala ng Sakit sa Bansa

Due to the increasing number of confirmed cases of the deadly 2019 novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV), the government is now restricted not only to the security and health of Filipinos.

Even the “ukay-ukay” have been involved in this matter as well. According to the news, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) will now restrict the importation of imported goods especially from China.

This is due to several confirmed cases of 2019 nCoV in China where the virus is also said to have started. In Wuhan, China is suspected to have come from a suspected virus.

“Iyang ukay-ukay kaya banned iyan kasi may health issues diyan. We are not discounting that if ever na mayroon at dumaan ‘yan sa any country affected by nCoV, that might be infected. There is a high risk na they might carry those viruses and we don’t want that,”
BOC assistant commissioner Vincent Maronilla said in an interview.


In addition, the agency will further tighten and expand security so that no one can enter “ukay-ukay” in the country.

After all, it’s illegal to buy second-hand clothes or anything else in the country and use them in business. This is illegal activity as stated in Republic Act 4653.

Eventhough it is not permitted here in our country, the sales of ‘ukay ukay’ are still flourishing nationwide

Although there is no evidence that the 2019 nCoV can be passed through clothing or items, the BOC is still optimistic and be careful.


While the 2019 nCoV poses a significant threat to the life of the Filipino people, the government will increasingly look at security in any way. Especially now that almost every country around the Philippines already has confirmed cases of feared 2019 nCoV.


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