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FACEBOOK LOVE STORY, Couple Met Online By Waving On Messenger and Got Married!

Who would have known that you will find your true love in social media? Nowadays, it is easy for us to communicate with people by just connecting on the internet.

Search, message, wave, then ta-da! You can now message each other. But who would have expected that this simple gesture can be turn out as a beautiful love story?

If people back then used to dream that their destiny was made out of fairy tale books, who will meet their prince by bumping with each other or they will save you out of the woods.

It is now in very much techy-level where you both started with a wave on messenger.

Just like this beautiful couple.


In December 2017, the love story of Kate Garcia-Axalan and Gian Carlo Axalan began with a wave.

The “wave” on messenger is a gesture to say hi or hello.

According to Kate, they didn’t know each other personally but because of that simple wave, they eventually fell in love.

It didn’t work out easily in the beginning because they had a long-distance relationship when Gian was in Italy while Kate was here in the Philippines.


In May 2018, Gian decided to went to the Philippines to finally meet the love of his life.

In a short period of time, they spend it with quality time. After that, Gian took their relationship to the next level after proposing to Kate and because of his sincerity, the lady said yes!

After the proposal, Gian went back to Italy and stayed there for 17 months. Throughout the relationship, they were tested but the distance was just a number for them. Making everything worth with their love.

As time goes by, the two finally said their bows last December 2019.

Exactly two years when that first wave started it all.

Many believe in destiny and fate, but it all depends on our decisions in life to make it all happen.

Gian gets back to Italy to continue working, but this time, not only for himself but for the new family he is now building.


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