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Former Beauty Queen Venus Raj, had a good reason why she doesn’t wear swimsuits anymore

A Beauty Queen will always be a beauty queen, even if they grow old or have children of her own.

Her beauty will remain on her, no matter how aging hits her. So you agree?

However, some beauty queens who used to wear revealing and sexy outfits decided to stop showing off their bodies for some reason.

One example is Venus Raj who represented the country in 2010 Miss Universe pageant. She won as the 4th runner up in the prestigious competition.

She became one of the most controversial beauty queens who was dethroned and later on reinstated as Miss Universe Philippines because of the citizenship issue.


Venus was born in Doha, Qatar to an Indian father and a Filipino mother. She popularized her fumbled answer “Major Major.”

Since then she gained more popularity for her outstanding confidence and talent. She also appeared in some shows and movies.

Years later, Venus remained as beautiful and sexy as ever at the age of 31. But her netizens who followed her on social media got questions.

The once alluring beauty queen who shows off her body is now keeping it kinda private. She often sees wearing rash guards every time she went for a swim or go on a beach.


In her recent interview, the 30-year-old beauty queen disclosed the reason why she stopped wearing revealing clothes.

Venus said that when she grew closer to God, she put certain limitations on her clothing choices.

“You know, I’m getting old. I’ve matured, I’m turning thirty. Hindi siya limitations just because I want limitations.”

In the past, I fought for my crown”

“Today, I no longer desire for an earthly crown, but for an eternal one. It has become my life mission to share the true Giver of eternal life, the One who fought all the battles for me: Jesus Christ.”

It’s because I’m getting mature and I’m having convictions, yun yung pinangangatawanan ko.”

“Anything that I feel not biblical, it’s conviction.”

According to the businessman and friend Cristina Decena, Venus made a huge impact on her life, especially in her spiritual growth, teaching her how to read the Bible every day.

Venus also shared that she had no suitors currently pursuing her at the moment. But despite this, she remains happy and contented.

“I’m happy and in love every day. I don’t have a suitor, I’m just really content with my relationship with the Lord every day. I’m just waiting, I am not pursuing.”

She also heard throwing a joke about her body.

“Hindi na rin kagandahan yung katawan ko, hindi na ako nagsu-swimsuit. Nakakahiya, baka masuka kayo.”

Many netizens expressed their admiration and respect for what Venus stood for. Her testimony also inspired other people, especially women. She’s the kind of person every person, woman, and the younger generation should look up to.

What can you say?


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