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Woman Spends 650 Pesos And Instantly Became Super Rich

Do you believe in luck?

It was just an ordinary day for a lady from London. She was roaming around West Middlesex Hospital flea market.

It is a place where you can find antique merchandise. The lady was just doing some window shopping when suddenly she decided to stop in a car boot sale and found an interesting ring.

She liked the design of the ring so she bought it for just $13 or 650 pesos. For 30 years, the lady wore it every time and everywhere she goes.

Until one day, when she was in a grocery store, a man was looking at her ring. The man followed her all way out and said that she was not the original owner of it.


One morning, she forgot to wear the ring so she went back to her house just to get the ring. She stared at it and decided to sell this ring to that jewelry man.

Afterward, she went to Sotheby’s London to have her ring check and the eagerness to know who the real owner was.

The woman expected to get some reward from the real owner since she took care of it for a very long time. After how many days, the jewelry shop staff told her that the ring was real after it has undergone some tests.

It turned out that the ring was a 26.27-carat diamond and carved in the 19th century.

Jessica Wyndham, a Sotheby’s jewelry and head of the auction department explained that the ring’s owner might come from a wealthy family during the 19th century.



The ring looked like simple and plain jewelry and have no idea it was a real diamond ring.

According to Jessica, the ring will cost up to $450,000 or 22 million pesos.

The unknown woman’s ring sent to auction and sold it for the price of $847,000 or roughly 42 million pesos.

Wow, and that’s what we call luck! What can you say?


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