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Sharon Cuneta Defends Herself Against The Rumors That She Indirectly Criticizing Her Daughter KC Concepcion

An alleged rift between Sharon Cuneta and daughter KC Concepcion is now the talk of the town.

The mother and daughter celebrities appeared to be at odds with each other following the Megastar’s claims that she no longer knows what KC Concepcion is doing.

Recently, Sharon has been posting ‘appreciation posts’ for other celebrities, including Angel Locsin, Liza Soberano, and Enrique Gil.

She said that she is thankful for the respect Angel, Liza, and Enrique gave to her.

It drew speculations from netizens that Sharon’s post appeared to be an indirect insult to her daughter.


In the comment section, a netizen criticized the Megastar for being too harsh on her daughter.

“Puro ka parinig sa panganay mo. Nanahimik sya di ka naaawa,” a netizen told Sharon.

Sharon immediately hit back and said that there is nothing wrong with appreciating people who have been good to her.

“Nagpasalamat ako sa isang taong gumawa ng mabuti sa akin, patama agad? Ang tinatamaan guilty kahit hindi sya ang iniisip. Konting lawak ng pag-iisip naman,” she commented.


The Megastar also told netizens not to add more burden on her rift with her daughter.

“Ano itong tampong di matapos? Baka kaya mas malalim? Huwag na kasi makialam,” she said.

A netizen even called the famous celebrity a toxic mom to her daughter and even gave her some advice to not post it on social media.

Sharon also replied and explained that she posted it only to answer KC’s post because the latter hasn’t contacted her, she even said that the netizen has no idea what’s going on.

One anonymous netizen also criticizes Sharon for not on KC’S side when she is growing up.

Another netizen his/her honest opinion regarding the probable cause of KC’s cold heart to her mom.

The Megastar refuted the claims saying she was busy working back then so she could provide for her daughter.

Netizens are kept on talking about the real score between this mother and daughter alleged rift. On the other hand, KC still keeps mum about the issue.

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