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Heart Touching Video Of A Service Crew Given Money By Her Customers

When we dine-in restaurant and any fast-food chains, service crews always have our backs. Nowadays, customers with bad communication with crews are becoming viral.

Sadly, some of these customers don’t treat service crews right. Many posts and videos surfaced the internet showing a customer mouthing bad words to these crews.

However, not all customers have bad manners towards the crew. One video circulated online that shows customers handing tips to the service crew.

It seems like the crew served them very well and showed her dedication to work. The customer appreciated her heartfelt service, so they decided to give her a tip as a reward.


The service crew was shocked and couldn’t hold back her tears as she was touched to the good effort of her customers.

Many netizens expressed their happiness and gratefulness for the customers.

“Napakabuti ng mga puso ng customer at marunong clang umunawa ng isang taong pursigido sa pag tatrabaho always god bless you all”

“Very touch sana wag natin hayaan na laitin ang mga service crew kc minsan mai mga umaabuso din sa kaanilang ginagawa. GOD blessed you all..”

“Hearth touching vedio and i really want to share it Godbless you that’s the reward of your kindness😍”


“I experienced being shouted and cursed by customer and all i said was i’m sorry settled it and go to the restroom and cry😢. They said customers is always right but it’s not. All i want is understanding because we are human too we made mistakes and our heart is not made of stone. 😔😔😔”

What can you say?


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