Nurse sa Wuhan, Nagpakalbo Para sa Mga Pasyente Ng nCov

A Wuhan lady nurse in China shaves her head to speed up her work in the treatment of new coronavirus infected patients.

In the wake of the lethal outbreak of the Wuhan virus, doctors and nurses prefer to deal with infected patients thinly. With a large number of patients who go to hospitals each day, medical personnel was overwhelmed because there are not enough medical staff to treat them.

In a report, a Woman nurse shaves her head to improve her function in the treatment of patients against the spread of the disease in Wuhan, China – the epicenter of the novel coronavirus (nCoV).

The mother of two children, Shan Xia of Renmin Hospital at Wuhan, said she’s trying to prevent cross-infection and spares time every time she wears and removes protective gear. Every minute is important for the health of the patient.


The National Health Commission announced at a media conference on Monday that 959 medical workers from seven provinces and cities have been mobilized to travel to the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Hubei, Wuhan to avoid and contain infections.

In addition there were also seven working groups to oversee disease surveillance, nutrition, epidaetic prevention, and control research by communities and grassroots medical facilities to be sent to Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Henan, Hunan and Guangdong.


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