Ilan mga Chinese Kanya kanyang Paraan ang Ginagawa Pangontra sa Virus

Social media today features unique ways people can prevent the deadly 2019 novel coronavirus.

Wuhan outbreak spreads across the world, with several cases confirmed in a number of countries far away from China, it is quite understandable that everyone wants to take precautions so they won’t contract the virus. After all, a lot of people were lost to this virus; that’s not a very comforting thought!

We can’t really fault the travelers for wanting to take extra precautions as they move across crowded areas. Several people were spotted at various airports wearing the huge plastic bottles on their heads. They didn’t even appear to be traveling together. They just had the same idea.

People seem to have their own way of preventing the virus.


Here are the netizen’s comments:

“Don’t laugh, that’s Guangzhou, the city has order of mandatory to wear masks in public. Due to shortage of masks, not everyone could get whole of any and they have to go out. They don’t have much choice.”
“Extreme situation calls for extreme measures. Very creative.”

“Super clever creative” “The people there must be desperate n situation chaotic. Poor thing”


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