LOOK: Mayor Isko Moreno Takes A Glance On His Bank Account

Have you ever wondered how much is the monthly wage of our government officials? Well, some of you surely think of it.

The city mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno has been making headlines after implementing laws for the betterment of the city.

On their official Facebook page, they have been sharing actual footage from their day and night operations. Mayor Isko personally rounds along Manila to observe safety and cleanliness.

Manila holds many historic places as well as childhood spots where they are now being rehabilitated. Yorme never disappoints Manileños since his reign.

It all started when Yorme Isko strictly implemented basic laws such as maintaining the cleanliness of the city and the safeties of its people.


Over these past months, Isko donated all of his earnings from modeling two popular business brands to the Philippine Government Hospital to help fund children with medical needs.

Many applauded him for the more than a million donations from his personal money. Since then, the name of Yorme is making noises to be a perfect example of how to be a good leader.

Recently, Mayor Isko let his people take a glance at his bank account. In a video uploaded on Facebook, Mayor Isko was seen in front of an ATM machine.

He then let the cameraman zoom the camera to see how much he has in the bank. It shows that he has 1,000,100 pesos on his bank account.


Isko jokingly said, “Naipon na sweldo ko eh. “

Afterward, he went on what it seems to be a canteen where he buys a sandwich to test his new automated paying machine where you will just scan the code to pay for your bills.

People around him are yelling in excitement to see him and take their chance to have a selfie with him.

Yorme Isko is very humble to his citizens.


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