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Sharon Cuneta, in great pain after getting betrayed by her loved one

It is unquestionable that the Megastar Sharon Cuneta is one of the most respected celebrities in the country.

Who would dare to betray such a  precious star? Sadly, our Megastar once again felt a great pain not on having an accident or injury but, a pain in her heart.

Recently, Sharon Cuneta took to social media to express the pain and suffering she has been dealing with recently.

The Megastar was ranting online about being betrayed by one of the closest people to her.

Although she didn’t name who that person is, she gave a hint by saying it was not a co-worker or an employee.


Many assume that the person she was referring to was someone close to her heart.

On her Instagram, the Megastar opened up about her sentiments.

“My Mommy used to say: “You lose your money, you lose a lot. You lose your friends, you lose more. You lose your name, you lose everything.” Now I add: “ If you lose your name over money, you’re worse. If you lose your name over the money of someone who loved, trusted, and protected you, you are the worst.

Sharon describes that person as someone who she trusted and protected. Seems that this person is very close to her.

She also describes how she feels after the betrayal. The Megastar felt very hurt and in deep pain as she wishes to take away her life to end all this sorrow.


“God please help me to forgive. Such a betrayal. The kind na ayaw no makapatay, pero kung wala akong asawa at mga anak, idadasal ko na lang kunin na ako ng Panginoon sa sakit. And this, btw, is not an employee or a co-worker. And this is hopefully the last time I will have to vent and post about this,”

Friends from showbizness and avid followers of the Megastar expressed their support, love, and care to the prominent star.

Earlier, the Megastar was reportedly rushed to the hospital because of eye irritation.




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