Ito Pala Ang Nangyari Ilan Minuto Bago Bumagsak ang Helicopter ni Kobe Bryant

Dramatic pictures showed that the helicopter from Kobe Bryant exploded in a ball of fire after it struck in a hillside 1,00 feet on Sunday, taking the life of the NBA star and eight other men.

The burning wreckage of the chopper is illustrated by pictures taken after the crash. The pilot told the air traffic controllers to ascend in order to avoid a layer of fog.

Jennifer Homendy, a National Transport Safety Board member, told reporters when the pilot was asked what he “had to do, there was no response.”

“Radar data indicates the helicopter climbed to 2,300 feet and then began a left descending turn,” she added. “Last radar contact was around 9:45 a.m. and is consistent with the accident location.”


The witness who took the pictures said that when the plane came out of ‘ from the fog ‘ he saw ‘ helicopter parts falling all over ‘ and exploded in a ‘ big fireball.

Only minutes before the crash and flying at 1,400 feet when he went south and west, Pilot Ara Zobayan was asked and given special clearance to fly in heavy fog, said an accident investigator on Monday.

It also revealed that the helicopter was not flying with a black box but rather a iPad. Horseback Officers vigorously patrolled the crash sites for looters in Calabasas, California

Pilot Zobayan asked to provide radar assistance to air traffic controllers to follow the flight. Jennifer Homendy of the National Transportation Safety Board said that the craft was too low for this assistance.


About four minutes later, she said, “the pilot advised that they had climbed to avoid a cloud layer.”

The wreckage was found at 1,085 feet.

Homendy said the last touch radar was roughly at 9.45am. Someone called 911 to report the accident two minutes later.

All nine people, including the former super-star NBA, died, together with his thirteen-year-old daughter Gianna.

On Monday, NTSB investigators gathered evidence on the crash site in Calabasas. ‘ The field of debris is quite large, ‘ said Homendy. “To the hill is a piece of the tail,” she said. ‘ On the other side of the hill is the fuselage. And that’s about 100 meters further, then, the main rotor.

Then the witness, who saw the helicopter descending and taking the pictures of the wreckage, told the Sun that he saw the plane crash just 200 feet down the hillside from where he stood.

‘One of the helicopter doors landed about 10 to 15 feet away from us. Helicopter parts were flying everywhere. There was very little left of the helicopter.’

The person who had a buddy on a mountain bike was on the crash site. We investigated whether they were able to help but did not find any survivors.

He hadn’t known that Kobe Bryant was on the helicopter until he said that they were back at the base of the hill.

Several experts suggested that the pilot could be obscured by fog, but Homendy said that investigative teams were going over everything from the history of the pilot to motors.

We look at man, machine and the environment,’ ‘And weather is just a small portion of that.’

Watch the video:

Kobe Bryant Pilot Communications N72EX Sikorsky

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Flight Track & Pilot Audio

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