Kid Uses His Arms As A Pillow For Her Mom After She Fell Asleep Inside The Train

Mothers most of the time tire themselves out taking care of their kids every day.

What they don’t know is sometimes your kids see all your hardships and sacrifices. And they are just as willing to give back all your selfless care.

A young boy received the admiration of netizens when a picture of him using his hand as a pillow for his exhausted mother circulated online.

According to the source, his mother fell asleep on the train due to exhaustion. This young boy didn’t hesitate to give her a helping hand. Rather than let his exhausted mum lean on the hard glass divider, he put his hand beneath her head as a makeshift pillow

And this was not the only selfless act that the young boy performed on the ride. A fellow passenger told that the boy was originally sitting beside his mum, but gave up his seat to another mum with a baby stroller.


A fellow commuter captures the endearing moment in China when a mother and her young son were on the train heading home one day. As they were seated, another lady got on the train with her baby in a stroller.

The young boy, observing that there were no available seats, stood up and gave his seat to the lady.

One passenger took a photo of the little boy and posted it on social media. Since then, the young boy has received a lot of praise from netizens.

One netizen even commented:

“Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are. I want to go ahead and arrange for him to marry my future daughter.”


This woman is very lucky to have such a loving son who cares for her so deeply. Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world. This is one job that a mother cannot take a day off from, nor can she just up and quit.

This little boy’s behavior exhibits a very good upbringing.


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