Erwin Tulfo Lambasted By Batangueno Villagers About His Statement In His Radio Program

Batangueno villagers in Batangas lambasted Erwin Tulfo over his controversial statement amid crisis during the Taal Volcano eruption.

Tulfo’s controversial statement in his program regarding abandonment of horses and other animals in Batangas became the most talk issue in social media not only to Batangueno people but everybody in the online world who have already known the issue

His statement seemingly did not suit well to many people especially the farmers of Batangas.

Batangueno people especially the farmers of Batangas did not like what Tulfo said during his program that seems offensive in the part of the victims.

“Diyos ko po! Maaawa ka. Iniwan ng mga kumag na may-ari. Pinakakitaan nila nung di pa sumabog yang Taal. Sobrang init dun eh mamamatay talaga yan… Iniwan ng mga putragis na may-ari…” he said.


With this, a video of a Batangueno went viral while rescuing his horse and cleaning it with water after its body got covered with ashes due to ashfall.

The Batangueno calling the name of Tulfo as he wanted to prove that they did not abandon their animals but it has only happened that they need to prioritize their individual safety and family over their livestock because saving their livestock requires enough time and bigger vehicle to transfer to a safer place.


The Batangueno continued lambasting the famous personality for being all words and no action and for not understanding their complicated situation amid a hard time.

In the program of Erwin Tulfo, it’s obvious that he has no intention of offending Batangueno people. I think it’s just a wrong choice of the right word plus the wrong interpretation of the readers and listeners to the general understanding makes the issue complicated.


Watch the video below:

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