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62 Year Old Dad Slammed By Netizens After Seen Kissing 15 Year Old Daughter On Her Lips

Every father plays a big role in their daughters’ self-esteem, self-worth and body image.

A strong father-daughter bond also plays a heavy role in her ability to express her feelings, her emotions, and her thoughts. All in all, a father-daughter relationship can have a far-reaching influence on the daughter’s life.

A 62-year-old dad received heavy criticism from netizens after posting a picture of him kissing his daughter on the lips.

TVB veteran actor Joseph Lee and his family went to Macau to celebrate his daughter’s 15th birthday.

“Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday! So happy!”


However, this photo of him kissing his daughter, Cherrie, on the lips garnered negative feedback online.

People quickly judged the actor calling him “disgusting”.

Some even expressed their negative reaction with one stating:

“I don’t think you should kiss your daughter like that. Males and females should be treated differently after all.”


On the other hand, others defended the actor.

“If you think this is dirty, then everything would be dirty to you.”

In a text message sent to the media recently, Joseph said that it was a normal thing for a father to kiss his daughter on the lips and that he has done that since his daughter was just a baby.

“As far as I know, a lot of other people understand me, so I don’t need to explain things that have never been an issue,”

Meanwhile, Cherie also expressed her frustration about the whole issue, saying that it was nothing but a paternal love.

“I think it’s just ridiculous that a kiss by a family member is distorted into something vulgar,”

Joseph Lee is not the first star in the world to be criticized for kissing his daughter’s lips.

Interestingly, Joseph Lee belongs to a few celebrities that received criticisms for kissing their daughter’s lips.

Not long ago, sports star David Beckham also received a series of harsh comments and heavy when posting pictures of him kissing the lips of a 5-year-old daughter – Harper.

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