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Kind Woman Spotted Giving Food And Drinks To An Old Homeless Man

Despite the world we live in today, many people still managed to show compassion and generosity especially Filipinos.

We have heard of stories every now and then about complete strangers lending a helping hand to those in need. Many of us have a special soft spot for the under privilege particularly the elders who lost the capacity to sustain themselves.

It is the culture of Filipinos to give a helping hand, no matter how big or small, to those who need it.

These kinds of acts may come in different forms whether it is financial, food and goods or even our own time.

A netizen named Florendo Bonavente Bern recently witnessed this rare act and managed to take footage of it. He uploads this heartwarming moment on social media and it immediately went viral.


“Mabuting gawa! Ung pinamiling pagkain ni ate binigay nalang sa mas nangangaylangan!..?”

The footage shows a woman in a pink shirt on her way home upon buying some groceries from the store. She had a full plastic bag worth of good. It must have a week worth of supplies that this lady bought for her family.

On her way, the woman saw the old man who seemed to be very hungry. What she saw made her completely stop on her tracks. A few seconds later, Florendo witnessed a truly heartwarming scene.

The woman showed no hesitation as she stopped by the old man.

The two then went on the side of the road and she handed over some food and drinks to the old man. She did not only give the homeless man something to eat but she also stayed with him and enjoyed the small talk.

Despite the difference in their social status, the kind woman never exhibited any disgust towards the homeless old man. In fact, the video showed that she seemed to enjoy helping those who are in need.


The video became an instant hit shortly after it was uploaded. No one knows who the kind lady was but one thing is for sure, her small act of kindness and the little time she spent with the helpless gave a warm fuzzy feeling to those who had watched it.

She proved that you don’t need to be somebody famous or powerful to share your blessing with others.


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