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2 year old child who refuses leave his parents’ final resting place goes viral

Let’s admit it, a lot of times, we take the people in front of us for granted. For whatever reason, many of us just go on with our daily busy lives. We often fail to pay attention and spend time on the people who matter to us the most. Sometimes many found themselves realizing one’s true value when it’s already too late.

A story of a small boy recently made rounds on social media. According to the source, he lost his parents in a road mishap at a very young age. The devastating loss prompted his uncle to bring him to their gravesite so he can spend some time with them.

Azuan Shamsuddin from Malaysia took his social media to showcase his nephew, 2-year-old Arfan, playing in the sand of his parents’ resting place. In his post, he took the special mention of Arfan calling out his mother from the grave.

“Brought him to visit his parents’ graves because he likes to talk to his mother. When we told him his mother was here, he called out to her, ‘mum, mum’”


“He doesn’t want to go home, he likes playing in the sand even though he can in the same way at home.”

“It’s clear he misses them as he refused to leave even though I pulled his hand.”
“We’ll come again, okay, Arfan?”

Azuan remarked how his nephew seemed to understand the seriousness of his situation despite his very young age of 2.

According to psychology, children begin to grasp the idea of losing someone and their finality around age 4. In one typical study, researchers found that 10 percent of most 3-year-old already understand that some things when changed, cannot be reversed. The other two aspects of one’s demise like non-functionality and universality are learned a bit later usually between age 5 and 7

The little boy now lives with his grandmother and visits his parents’ final resting place regularly.


We should see this as a reminder to always spend time and be there for the ones we love. At any moment, it all can be taken away and be gone forever.


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