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Netizens Asks Coco Martin To Allow Another Woman In His Past To Be A Part Of ‘FPJ: Ang Probinsyano’

The ABS-CBN’s “FPJ: Ang Probinsyano” not only holds the record for the longest-running action drama series on Philippine television.

The top-billed program which is in its fourth year now has showcased many actors and actresses.

Many celebrities both young and old, from the past and present, were given the chance to act as guest stars to the program. A lot of them expressed their gratitude to the lead actor and now director of the show Coco Martin.

Some viewers even poked fun at Coco’s program as some sort of charity based in an entertainment column. The 38-year-old actor had given countless opportunities to his fellow celebrities to make a guest appearance on the show. A handful of names like Mystica, Julio Diaz, Jao Mapa managed to make a comeback despite these stars being past their prime.

Recently, another long-forgotten name of an actress has been making rounds among netizens. Many are requesting Martin to have Katherine Luna to become a part of the said show.


Katherine and Coco, if not many of you know, had a history way back. Both came from the indie industry and made breakthrough performances for their roles. Luna and Martin starred in the film Masahista where they had been romantically linked with each other. While Katherine showed her superb acting skills in the 2003 film “Ang Babae Sa Breakwater”.

There was even a time that many accused Coco as the father when Katherine got pregnant. But being the true gentleman that he is, the actor remained silent.

In an interview with veteran columnist Boy Abunda, back in 2014, Coco admitted that he never had any hesitation when Katherine told that he was the father of her unborn baby. In fact, he believes it so much that he’s willing to take care and the child without questions.

But it turned out that after a DNA test, the child was not his after all. Surprisingly, Coco doesn’t feel any kind of elation after the test turned negative. The actor was actually more concern about what will happen now to the child after all that he was made to believe in was actually a lie.

Now Katherine has been out of showbizness for years and expressed how she wanted to regain her career in her previous interviews.


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