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Robin Padilla finally meets her new daughter, baby Gabriela

“A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.”

All the men who are fortunate enough to have become the proud fathers of a daughter should give their very best to form and keep a deep bond with her.

Especially during early childhood, it is very important that her father shows her unconditional love and provides for her security.

This is what the actor Robin Padilla is showing right now when he finally meets her new daughter baby Gabriela.

On Instagram on Sunday, his wife, television host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, announced that she has returned to the country with her newborn daughter and firstborn child, Isabella, after more than three months in the United States.


She wrote,

WE ARE HOME!!!!! after 3 months… my family is finally WHOLE!!! home will always be with you @robinhoodpadilla thank you so much for allowing me to do this for our children it was only possible because of you and your support. We missed you sooooo much!!! Sharing with all of you at 9pm on my YouTube channel Gabriela’s first meeting with her dad and also how Isabella reunited with her father!!! 💕💕💕 moments worth sharing!!! Link will be on my bio!!!

Robin’s loving wife also expressed how they missed him.

Home will always be with you,” 


A very remarkable statement and a father would gladly hear from his family.

Mariel shared a slide show showing pictures of them together. You can see the happiness on Robin when finally her Tres Marias is home right in time for Christmas.

Such a very happy family. What can you say?



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