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Real Estate Company Surprises Employees with $10 Million Holiday Bonus at the Christmas Party

Employees of a real estate company earned a true Christmas miracle at their holiday party last Saturday, December 7.

On Tuesday, St. John Properties, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the Mid-Atlantic, announced that they granted a $10 million bonus to all 198 of its employees after the company hit 20 million square feet of office, retail and warehouse space in eight states.

Hardly anyone knew what was inside the red envelopes handed out at a Maryland real estate firm’s annual holiday party.

So when employees at St. John Properties tore them open on Saturday, the surprise was really a life-changing.

Eyebrows jumped. Hands flew to mouths. And tears flowed – lots and lots of them.

Inside the envelopes were holiday bonuses averaging $50,000 and totaling $10 million, life-changing sums based solely on tenure.

The smallest amount was $100 that was given to an employee who was just hired and had not even started work.

One man, a maintenance technician who started at the company in 1981, received more than $200,000 or approximately 10 Million pesos.

Edward St. John, the founder and chairman of the company, said the amount of money that each employee gets is based on tenure.

Edward St. John, the founder and chairman of St. John Properties, used the company holiday party to announce that all 198 employees would share a $10 million bonus. (Courtesy St. John Properties)

“I was totally blown away when this happened,” said one employee.

While trying to hold back tears, a female employee said, “What happened tonight was magical. It is life-changing. It’s really amazing. That is so generous.”

The footage continued to document the St. John Properties employees sharing hugs with surprised expressions — many of them in tears.

The unusually high bonuses drew a rush of attention to the Baltimore-based firm, which has clients in eight states. After announcing them publicly on Monday, the company’s phones rang continuously.

It’s Facebook page got comments such as, “Am I the 199th employee?” and “Are y’all hiring? Asking for a friend.”

Mr. St. John is such a generous employer every employee will wish for.

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