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Andrea Torres surprised boyfriend Derek Ramsay on his birthday

Kapuso star Andrea Torres has recently made headlines after she threw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Derek Ramsay, who turned 43 last December 7.

As an early surprise for Derek Ramsay’s birthday, his leading lady and girlfriend Andrea Torres threw him a surprise birthday gathering the night before his big day last December 6.

Derek’s closest friends and family braved the Friday traffic to be in on the surprise as Derek arrived with Andrea and his son Austin.

Torres gathered Ramsay’s friends at a restaurant for festivities, which included performances for the actor on a stage.

On Instagram, Derek expressed his love for Andrea who organized his surprise birthday party and was able to gather the actor’s friends and loved ones for his special day.


Andrea posted a photo of her boyfriend as he was being surprised and wrote a heartfelt note, revealing she had been praying for a partner when she met Derek.

“I’d always tell him, ‘Lord, I feel like I’m ready but I trust your timing. I’m going to be patient. I know I’ll be able to tell if the person came from you,” read a portion of her note.

And because things easily fell into place, because it’s as though she’s known him for years, “There is no doubt in my heart that you are my answered prayer.”

“I wake up every day with one constant goal: to make you happy. Remember you’ll never have to face anything alone. I’m just always behind you, caring for you, comforting you, and my favorite, making sure you’re well taken care of,” she continued.


Andrea ended her note, saying, she just wanted “to remind you how special you are to so many people as well.”

So sweet of Andrea!

What can you say?



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