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Ina Raymundo’s emotional scene while watching her son Jakob asleep, touches the heart of many

Mothers will always be our first love. So as for her son, her mom will always be his first love.

A very heartwarming scene is what we can see on actress Ina Raymundo’s recent post on Instagram.

The actress posted a video where she was sitting on the bed of her sleeping son Jakob Poturnak.

Jakob, who recently turned 15, is Ina’s only son and second to the five children with her husband Brian Poturnak.

The very touching scene shows the motherhood side of Ina, where she turned emotional upon watching her son asleep.


On her caption, Bittersweet. I see my 15-year-old son, my only boy, who’s way taller than me now, muscular, his voice is deep and his legs are so hairy. Then I remember him as my cute, little, mama’s boy. It makes me cry.😭 (then laugh coz I feel silly)😆 Haaaay…mommy life💜❤️ P.S. I’m wearing his old “pinagkaliitan” t-shirt 😭#whocanrelate? #momof5 #bittersweet #myonlysonshine 📷 by @angelicanika10.

Ina added that she will be always present to watch her son grow with her husband.

“I love you, son. Dad and I will always be the wind beneath your wings so keep soaring high. We will always be here no matter what. #myonlysonshine #mamaslove #JakPot”

According to Ina, the tiny and needy Jakob has changed so much now that he grew up. However, Ina will still be the same supportive mother to her only son.

Great mothers have produced great sons. All the great men in history credit their success to the upbringing that their mothers gave them.


There is also a saying which goes, “You can sense how a man treats his wife when you know how he treats his mom.”

Watch the video here,

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