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Piolo Pascual with alleged foreigner boyfriend in condo circulated online

The 42-year-old Alist actor Piolo Pascual is one of the most prominent and most-loved actors in the entire local showbiz world.

It’s undeniably, that Piolo’s face is one of a kind and perhaps one of the most beautiful faces in the country.

Thus, controversy regarding his real gender preference is still questionable for others.

Apparently, photos of Papa P with a foreign guy spotted with the actor circulated online before.

The alleged foreigner model boyfriend of Kapamilya A-list actor Piolo Pascual, who was spotted with him in viral photos, stayed in his condo.


It is not the first time that the A-list actor has been linked to a man.

A number of netizens have gone crazy over the photos of Piolo Pascual and a handsome foreigner.

The said photos were posted by an entertainment news site on Twitter – Entertainment Uptake with a caption that was quite demeaning.

In can be recalled that the actor once challenged a basher to a fistfight.

Here is the post made by the Twitter account Entertainment Uptake.


Some showed support to Piolo for finally coming out while fans slammed the allegations.

A report published on the site of Pang-Masa gave information about the male foreigner.

According to a source working at an advertising agency, the man who was with Piolo Pascual in viral photos is a model.

The person who works at the advertising agency also revealed that the model has a girlfriend.

As far as the source is concerned, the actor does not have any romantic relationship with the foreigner.

Aside from this information about the guy who was with the Kapamilya actor, the source revealed something more.

The model stayed in Piolo Pascual‘s condo while he was starting his modeling career.

Based on the article, the source said that it is not a thing to wonder upon if a newbie will be spotted with someone who has an established reputation in the industry.




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