Furious Doctor involved in the viral road rage to be summoned by LTO

An intense road rage incident that went viral on Facebook over the night is already identified as government personnel and an alleged drunk driver who turned out to be a doctor in St. Lukes Hospital.

The said video immediately spread like a wildfire online. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the two drivers were having an exchange of heated arguments during a traffic altercation. The furious driver is cursing and bad-mouthing the government employee and its wife inside the vehicle.

However, it was still unclear whether it was the fault of the drunk driver or the government employee.

A Facebook user named Fran Rusti revealed that the furious driver in the viral road rage video is a doctor. Rusti said that the man is working as a doctor at St’ Luke’s Medical Center.


The concerned netizen revealed that it was not the first time that the doctor has been involved in a traffic altercation. He also posted the two road rage incidents wherein the driver is involved.

The alleged doctor has been identified as Toman Joaquin C. Mendez, an otolaryngologist.

Matapobreng doctor sa St. Lukes suki sa road rage!ganon ba talaga ang ugali ng mayayaman?maliit ang tingin sa mga walang kaya!? Ang dalawang video na yan ay ang mga inaaway niya! Doc baka Ma tanggal ang license mo🧐abangan!

Apparently, the said incident already caught the attention of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

According to LTO, it is set to summon a doctor who was caught in a viral road rage video shouting curses at a motorist, the Department of Transportation said Monday.


The transportation department also urged the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to act on the issue.

St. Luke’s Medical Center meanwhile refuted rumors of links with the doctor.

In a statement, the hospital clarified that Mendoza is not one of its practicing doctors.

“Upon checking our records, Dr. Mendez was a former ENT resident trainee and he was never a part of St. Luke’s roster of practicing physicians,” it said.

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments from the netizens.

Here the viral videos.



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