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Celebrity couple Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla renovated their house and turned it into a giant playground

Parenting goals!

Most fans and followers of particular celebrities opt to find out their idols’ personal property like houses and cars. When it comes to this matter, they are so curious and once they saw it, their hearts were filled with joy.

Sometimes, we can measure one’s success through their investment properties and how much wealth saved in the bank account.

Just like this couple, action star Robin Padilla and TV host Mariel Rodriguez who we all know how much success and influence they had in show business for all the years they spent working hard as famous celebrities.

They are open in public when it comes to some aspects of their personal lives as they never hide their love story to the public and even Mariel’s journey to her pregnancy was shared through social media.


Netizens admire the couple and look up to them as Mariel also loves to share every lovely moment they have. She usually shares it through Instagram.

Recently, Mariel shared that their daughter was really very happy as his father turned their house into a giant playground where she can have playdates with other kids.

The TV host thanked her husband for doing it.

Robin didn’t hesitate to turn their house into a childproof and kid zone.

Marie Padilla stated that Robin Padilla had their house “childproofed” as the safety of the kids is their top priority. She revealed that her husband did a lot of work himself and he also taught the staff what to do.


“Our big bonus was he brought the big playground over so Isabella could have playdates,” the TV host wrote.

Based on the social media post of Robin Padilla’s wife, the slide does not only cater to kids but as well as adults. She stated that it is fun to see the kids playing around and he is very happy and it means the world to her.

And now, not only Isabella will the only one to enjoy this giant playground home, but also their second child Gabriela.

Last week, Mariel gave birth to their second child in the US. Although Robin is not there to support her all throughout her delivery, surely Mariel felt the love and support of her husband who stayed in the country.

Isabella and Gabriela are so lucky to have parents like Mariel and Robin. What can you say?



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