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Neri Naig laughs off on the netizen who said her husband Chito Miranda is making out with Bubbles Paraiso

Contentment and happy life come to those couples who had pure love and loyalty to their partners.

If you’re sure enough that your partner is loyal to you, any accusations or ‘chismis’ on your partner will never affect your relationship.

Just like Neri Naig who’s husband is Chito Miranda, a prominent lead singer of a famous rock band, Parokya ni Edgar.

As we are all aware, members of a band are highly anticipated and have lots of charisma with people especially on women.

Neri wasn’t at all worried when she received a text linking her husband, Chito Miranda, to another woman. She shared on Instagram the screenshot of the message, which narrated that the sender saw her husband “making out” with Bubbles. The sender even checked Chito’s Instagram and saw his post congratulating the actress.


Neri shared a screenshot of the said message on Instagram, along with her lengthy reaction.

“Saw your husband last night making out with Bubbles,” said the sender. “Although in my mind, I know that they are very, very close. Hmm. And naisip pumunta to check your husband’s IG. May post pala siya about Bubbles, congratulating her. And napaisip tuloy ako. Good luck po and God bless.”

Neri laughed off the accusations and wrote on her post, “May kailangan ba kayong iex-plain sa akin? Tawang-tawa talaga ako dito!”

The celebrity mom clarified that she never gave malice to Chito’s closeness with Bubbles and Angel because she knew they are his dear friends. She never restricted him from hanging out with them or anyone else. She explained, “Ang tao kung gusto nyang magloko, magloloko yan kahit ano pang bantay ang gagawin mo.

She feels secure with herself and Chito’s love for her.


Neri wrote on her Instagram,

One netizen was brave enough to ask her, “Chismis nga naman.. Pero ni minsan ba di ka nagselos? Tanong lang Ms. Neri, dont get me wrong. I mean, babae ka din. Alam ko wala naman something sa kanila pero… Hay mahirap e. Galing mo lang.”

“Hindi lang kasi ako selosa,” she answered. This was followed by praises and stories of others who, somehow, were able to relate to the situation.

Angel Locsin, Bubbles Paraiso, and Neil Arce also joined in the comments section feeling amused.

On the other hand, Chito Miranda claimed Bubbles is his close friend or “ka-tropa” as he described her. In his congratulatory post on Instagram, he revealed that they had been friends since she was 16 years old.

Neri and Chito tied the knot in December 2014. November 2016, they welcomed their baby boy, Alfonso Miranda, aka Miggy.


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