Dra. Vicki Belo Ibinahagi ang Naging Inspirasyon Noong Kabataan Pa Niya

We all know that almost all artists go to Vicky Belo or Victoria “Vicki” Gonzales Belo-Kho, her real name, to ask for help when they want something to fix or at least improve on their outward appearance.

Perhaps, in our generation today, one of the most famous celebrity doctors in the Philippines is one of the most trusted people when it comes to cosmetic surgery. But, to the knowledge of us all, this 63-year-old celebrity doctor has also been ridiculed by other people and classmates when she was a child.

Instead, she was inspired by people that make fun of her for setting up his own cosmetics establishment.

Dra was also one of the jurors. Vicki Belo on ABS-CBN’s noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ in their ‘Celebrate’ 2019 segment, where all Showtime had a special performance all week for their 10th anniversary celebration of their program.


The famous “Magpasikat” performance of popular and comedic actor Vice Ganda has made his performance about self-love and the ‘hair story’ of people suffering from alopecia, a skin condition that causes of shedding and loss of hair.

Many viewers and netizens were amazed by her changing clothes and wigs while performing her performance.

Many of the jurors wept over Vice’s touching performance, including Dra’s. Vicki Belo in which she also admitted that she had been ridiculed by other people that she was fat and adopted only when she was young.

“So when I was a child, I was very fat. I was 5 years old, I weighed a hundred pounds. And I was adopted, ampon po ako ng mga Belo.”


“Iyong mga kids tinutukso ako, ‘Bakit ka pinamigay, dahil pangit ka? Or dahil ang taba mo?'”

“I think people don’t understand that the reason I went into beauty is [because] I want to make everyone beautiful. Because when they’re more beautiful, they’re more loved, accepted.”

Dra Vicki Belo also shared that her husband Hayden Kho is an avid fan of Vice Ganda for over 20 years, as her husband also knows Vice is a special and good person.

Sabi niya kay Vice, “You’re an inspiration to a lot of people.


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