Akala ng Marami ay Puro Basura Ito sa Dagat Nagulat Sila ng Lapitan Ito

The migration of golden cownose rays in the Gulf of Mexico is a sight that will leave you breathless, and maybe slightly terrified. Twice a year these stingrays migrate to warmer waters by following the clockwise current from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to western Florida.

They migrate only twice a year; north in late spring and south in late autumn. The rays also migrate extremely long distances and can be found as far south as the Caribbean, and as far north as New England. The result looks incredibly cool especially when seen from above

What’s even more incredible is that they move in groups that reach well over 10,000, changing the surface of the water to gold.

Stingrays (which are related to skates and sharks) have never been widely fished for food, mainly because of their rubbery flesh.


But barbecued stingray and dried fins are common in Singapore and Malaysia, while pickled stingray remains a traditional favourite in Iceland. ‘


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