Mister na OFW , Akala Ni Misis Baka Nambabae Na Yun Pala Ito Ang Nangyari

An OFW’s heartbreaking surprise by Raymond on his wife went viral where he was dressed as a mascot. His wife Fernacia shared the successful outcome of the mysterious gimmick on YouTube.

It all started when her husband Raymond told her that he was in a bad mood and was just going to rest so it wasn’t online.

She didn’t that Raymond was already on flight going home in the Philipppines. The wife was unaware that her husband contract is already over so he came home early. Raymond also joined by his relatives in his surprise.

One of their aunts alleged that an investor will be introduced to her and she immediately believed it. Meanwhile, on the very day of the surprise, the woman seemed to suspect this mystery since her husband hasn’t replying at all.


Unbeknownst to her, her husband is already  in the Philippines and was preparing for his bizarre return. They told her that it’s the anniversary of Max’s branch in Davao so there was a mascot that day.

She didn’t know that the mascot was her husband Raymond. So it came as a huge shock when Raymond removed the head part of the costume. Francia was overwhelmed by surprise and happiness by what her husband did.

The netizens were so impressed and touched by the scene that the video gained over 2 million views. It is not always easy to become an OFW and to leave loved ones in the Philippines. So surprises like that are so special to them that nothing is worth having the joy of being with loved ones again.

Watch the whole video here:



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