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FRIENDS NO MORE? BFFs Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto unfollow each other on social media

How true is the rumor that the once best of friends Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla and vlogger Dani Barretto are no longer friends?

This is what the netizens speculating after they noticed that the once BFFs are now unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The two have been known to be best friends. In fact, it was Bela who introduced Dani to her now-husband, Xavi Panlilio. Remember when Bela captured the moments from Xavi’s proposal last February? Dani’s bridal shoes were even a gift from Bela.

It was only last month when Bela opened up about talking with Dani amid rumors that she’s “taking sides” on the issue involving the vlogger’s sister, Julia Barretto, and Bea Alonzo.

Her dinner picture with Bea started out a fire and Bela received hateful messages regarding this. Although she explained that it was a mandatory event for Dreamscape artist, fans and followers of Dani thought of she’s taking Bea’s side on the recent controversy involving Dani’s sister, Julia Barretto.


It was also revealed that Dani Barretto had confronted Bela that time about having dinner with Bea—a photo of which was uploaded on Instagram Stories with the hashtag “#ParaKayB.”

Bela made it clear that the dinner wasn’t intended for Bea but rather was one where different celebrities under Dreamscape gathered.

“Galing po akong trade launch, mandatory na pumunta dito sa after-party/dinner. [I just came from a trade launch, it was mandatory to attend the after-party/dinner.] So I was actually here with Ketchup (Eusebio) and Ivana (Alawi) from ‘Sino Ang Maysala?,’ I was pleasantly surprised that Bea arrived,” she told Boy Abunda during her guesting for Tonight With Boy Abunda.

“Obviously, I didn’t know it was going to be posted with that ‘#ParaKayB’. But at the same time, it doesn’t matter if that dinner is for Bea or anything else because they are all people I’ve worked in ABS-CBN,” she continued.


There is no clear reason to explain why the two unfollowed each other, and they both have not spoken publicly about the issue.

It can be noted, however, that Bela had also unfollowed Dani’s sister, Julia, around the time that the controversy surrounding Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s breakup surfaced two months ago.

Bela explained that it was not because she was taking sides but because she was performing an “Instagram detox.”

“So I just wanna clarify that I didn’t unfollow Julia because I’m taking sides because I honestly didn’t even know the story of what’s happening to them,” she added.

Bela is currently busy working on the Filipino remake of the 2013 South Korean comedy-drama film, Miracle In Cell No. 7, where she stars alongside Aga Muhlach.

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