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A Mom Helped Her Daughter After Seeing Her Working Alone Despite of Many Customers in a Fast Food Chain

When you’re a parent, they said that you should help your children until they’re old enough to do things on their own. But what if you see your own child struggling? Will you just leave them be, knowing that they are now mature enough to handle things themselves?

For one particular mom, she chose to help her child instead. The mother probably couldn’t bear watching her service crew daughter having a difficult time at work and decided to give her a helping hand.

Apparently, the mother’s loving and selfless gesture not only touch her daughter’s heart but also thousands of other people when a picture of her made rounds on social media.

Facebook user, Rubie Lyn Mendoza recently shared on her Facebook account about how her mother, Emilia, ended up wiping and cleaning the tables at one of the famous fast-food chains where her sister, Jann works part-time.


“I have a working student sister then we decided to eat sa store nila sa Mcdonalds navotas pra din bisitahin sya hahaha then pagdating namin sabe nya isa lng daw syang nakaduty na crew sa lobby eh daming customer haha pag kaorder ko ng food nmin gulat ako si Mama nag bubuss out na din 😂👏👌#ProudDaughterHere 😍😘

Her mother looked more like a customer with her casual orange shirt and blue jeans, yet she kept on stacking, she kept cleaning.

The photo also caught the faces of other customers busy with their meal and at the far end of the photo, is another woman throwing trash at the garbage bin. She was wearing an employee uniform.

According to Rubie Lyn, life is difficult for them especially that their father was gone. Her sister had to work at a fast-food restaurant while studying.

Rubie Lyn recalled the restaurant was short-staffed at that time so it was only her sister who was cleaning the tables.


For their mother, it is difficult to watch her daughter like that, working alone in a crowded restaurant with a lot of tables still uncleaned.

Surprised but also quite proud of what her mom had done, Rubie Lyn quickly snapped some photos which she uploaded on her Facebook account. Soon, Mommy Emelia would earn praise from netizens. Many were impressed that this mom did everything she could to help her daughter who was struggling at her job at the time.

As of this writing, the post now garnered over 27 thousand reactions, 475 comments, and 12 thousand shares.

Here are some of the comments:

Indeed, this is proof that mothers truly have unconditional love for their children. Would you also do this for your kids? Definitely!



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