A Double Victory For The Twin Brothers In Malolos, Bulacan Who Both Passed The Licensure Exams

If you’re worried about your grades or academic success, you can work on improving your study skills. Studying harder can help improve grades and test scores. Create a study schedule, use good studying strategies, and focus on working hard in class. If you study effectively, you won’t have to spend every waking moment studying to do better in school.

Just like the story of this twin brother in Malolos, Bulacan who studied harder for them to achieve their goals.

According to the post of Philippine Star, it’s a double victory for these twin brothers after they both became top notchers in the licensure exams of their respective fields.B

Jose Gabriel Delos Santos, placed sixth in the recently concluded 2019 Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam, while his twin brother Jose Raphael Delos Santos, placed eighth during the 2018 Nursing Licensure Exam held last November.


According to Jovenal Gaspar Madulid, uncle of the twins, the twin were born as premmie babies weighing three pounds each.

“Alagaang mabuti, baka di magtagal,” Madulid recalled the doctors telling them.

“Luckily, parehong lumaking healthy, mabait at matalino,” their uncle added.

They grew up together as brother, barkada, and classmate, with the same interest in a musical instrument.


Netizens gushed about the said post. They commended and congratulate the twins on what they had achieved. Here are some of their reactions:

” Feels so good reading this kind of post!”

Congratulations to the two brilliant twin brothers.”

“Congratulations n god bless for great success”

“pg gnito mga anak mo + God fearing wala knang hhanapin pa,God Bless twins”

” I congratulate both of you for your academic success.
Likewise, I congratulate the parents for raising well the twins and bring out the best in themselves.
God bless you!”

” Wow! Their parents must be very proud!”

“Very proud s inyong dlawa ang mga mgulang nyo wag sana kyong magbbago god bless”

Truly that this twin brother serves as an inspiration, especially to those students who also striving so hard to achieve their respective goals.

Congratulation Delos Santos brothers!



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